Parkway Dental Fees 37

Parkway Dental Fees

How often can you find dental fees online?   We are proud to list our prices online.  Below you will find dental fees for many services.

Exam, Cleaning, and Bitewing X-rays__$100 Immediate Upper Denture__$650*
Immediate Lower Denture__$650* Panorex (required for oral surgery)__$85
Sedation__$190 Extraction__$90
Complete Upper Denture__$425 Complete Lower Denture__$425
Valplast Partial__$450 Crown__$525
Porcelain Veneers__$400** Orthodontics__$3400
Denture Implants__$1200 Single Implant and Crown__$1500
Denture Reline per plate__$150

*Healing and final complete denture included in price. Other providers may provide a low priced healing/immediate denture and then have you pay for a more expensive complete denture or a reline later. Our price includes the TOTAL cost of an immediate denture and includes adjustments, temporary relines and office visits.

**Price is for Multilple Veneers. Single Veneer Price is $550.

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37 thoughts on “Parkway Dental Fees

    • Cleo Post author

      The charge for fillings depends on how big the filling is and what part of the tooth it is on. A small one surface silver filling is $100 and a one surface white filling is $120. The prices increase as the fillings get bigger. If you have a recent exam and treatment plan from another dentist we would be happy to give you a breakdown on the individual fillings that you need. That way we can give you an accurate estimate.

  • kdr

    My teeth are all in horrible shape from grinding them. I was told several years ago i need to have them pulled and be fitted for dentures. The teeth are now beginning to split and holes are huge. Problem is I have 22 teeth and at $90 a tooth to have them pulled that’s way too much money. I have no insurance. Is there any kind of break that’s provided for getting so many teeth extracted?

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      Come in and lets see what is going on, denture consultations are free. I hate to offer any kind of break unless we see the case first. The teeth could be very difficult to remove or really easy. If they look simple enough then we can probably work something out.

  • andielyn anderson

    Do you accept Metlife (FEDVIP) Federal dental plan? Are you a preferd provider? I am interested in a reline for dentures. Thank you

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      We accept all plans, but are not a provider for metlife. We are happy to process claims for you but you need to check with them and make sure they will pay an out of network provider.

  • mandy

    From what i can see on this website it seems unbelievably resonable, my husband has been in search for a good resonable dentist to pull all his teeth and recieve dentures, he has a severe genetic tooth decay desease diagnosed by another dentist about 2 years ago, he has gang green and just by biting down or sucking air teeth constantly fall apart and break on him, he is young to be going through this but due to generations of this desease not a single dentist will help him without a large amount of money we do not have, i would love to actually see him smile and be without pain for once, can you help him please even if hes in his 30s?

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      Age is not an issue. If he is having those kinds of problems then we should get him taken care of. Schedule for a consultation with one of our offices and we will do a work up see exactly what is going on and get him taken care of.

  • Patty

    I have dentures but i can’t wear my uppers they feel to big how much to have a consultation and i have no insurance

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      We would not charge anything just to take a look. I think you will probably need one of two options. Option 1 would be a hard reline $150. Option 2 would be a new denture $425. A reline can be done if the denture is in good shape and works correctly when you chew. You should have a hard reline done every 3-4 years to prolong the life of your denture and keep it fitting good. If the problems are more severe then you may need a new denture.

  • Sandra

    I need to have a lot of work done is it possible to have it done a little at a time also do you do free consultations?

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      We can do work in stages, that is no problem. We do free consultations, but that is different than a dental exam. In a dental exam the doctor goes over every tooth and the tissue surfaces in your mouth and records everything. A free consultation is an appointment to talk about some overall options, i.e. going to dentures, or having veneers. If you expect to have a lot of fillings, root canals, and crowns we should schedule you for an exam, but we are happy to meet with you for a consultation to discuss an overall treatment approach.

  • Melissa

    Hello, I am uninsured and I was wondering if you offer any payment plans because I can’t afford to pay for all of my dental work at once

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      We do offer financing through Care Credit, but do not do any inhouse financing at this time. You can apply to Care credit through their website.

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      Depends on the implants the doctor uses, and the amount of bone that is available to hold them. The doctor may place larger implants and only place 2. in some cases 4 small implants will work better. Our pricing is $1200 per upper or lower no matter how many are placed.

  • Rebecca

    So are these prices include insurance? What if I have dental insurance and a flex spending account with about 500.00 on it. Do you do payments? My credit sucks and will not qualify for a loan. .

    • The Lab Guy Post author

      Are prices don’t change. your insurance should pick up a portion of the cost. We can give you a better breakdown if you would like to come in for a free consult we can see how much they would pay for. We currently do not due payments.

  • Cameron

    My first question is, how much would you charge to just look and tell me all what’s going on and needs fixing. I’m sure I have major issues because no matter how much I brush my breathe stink. Then as long as they aren’t too horrible I’d like braces. How much would to charge for those, and the consultation for them? Also maybe any deals or ways to lower price would be amazing. I’m a single 18 year old with no insurance, low income and in big need of dental work. I’m affraid they are to gone to save. Help.

    • Smilehelper

      We can schedule you for a consultation and we do not charge for that initial appointment. Unfortunately Dr. Hanson does not do braces. But you will be given a treatment plan at that consultation appointment with a couple different options and also what it will cost. Due to too many issues in the past we no longer do any payment plans but we do take care credit, and you can look that up online and see what options you have available and even give them a call, they are very helpful. Please give us a call and we will get you scheduled for a consultation.