Parkway Dental Fees 79

Parkway Dental Fees

How often can you find dental fees online?   We are proud to list our prices online.  Below you will find dental fees for many services.

*Healing and final complete denture included in price. Other providers may provide a low priced healing/immediate denture and then have you pay for a more expensive complete denture or a reline later. Our price includes the TOTAL cost of an immediate denture and includes adjustments, temporary relines and office visits.

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79 thoughts on “Parkway Dental Fees

  • cheryl

    I need 3 implants, 2 top back and 1 lower back. Do you charge $750/ tooth for the implant and $750/tooth for the crown in 6 months?

  • Deborah Eaton

    All my teeth where pulled in 2004, have had denture made but unable to wear them. I have had 3 sets made between being painful and gagging. Know none of them fit.

    • Smilehelper

      Good afternoon Deborah.
      We would love to help you and get you a set of dentures that don’t hurt and give you problems. We have are able to make dentures in 1 day. Please give us a call to schedule at 970-208-8046
      We look forward to meeting you!!

  • Valerie M Mosher

    Good morning,
    My husband is looking to get dentures or implants for his upper teeth. We live in Moab and have Cigna insurance through Grand County Utah. Can you please tell me the process for this?

    • Smilehelper

      Hello Valerie
      First I want to apologize that it has taken so long to get back to you. First we need to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr Hanson. At that time Dr Hanson will go over all options, treatment, and an estimate on what to expect to pay out of pocket. First consultation appointment will be about an hour long. Please give us a call 970-208-8046

  • Celine Lewing

    My son needs a temporary filling for a huge cavity until my insurance kicks in. How much would that cost?